Entry into the BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards (BHPBSEA) is via nomination only, through a state Science Teachers Association (STA) competition.

To be considered for nomination, please submit your project/s into the relevant categories:

  • experiment, research or investigation category of your local STA Awards
  • the invention or engineering category of your local STA Awards

Please contact your local STA for competition entry requirements or your science teacher.

For nominated entries into the BHPBSEA, please ensure the following requirements are met, to be eligible for selection as a finalist:

  • projects must include designing and carrying out an experimental investigation or engineering project
  • the project has been nominated by an STA for entry
  • the PDF entry form and online entry form are both completed (contact your local STA for these forms)
  • a written project report is uploaded with the online entry form (PDF preferred)
  • and for engineering entries only, a short video of the product in operation is uploaded with the online entry form (5mins max)

Questions? Please email the Awards Office at bhpbsea@csiro.au