Meena Sivagowre Sritharan


In her words:

The excitement of carrying out your experiments and the thrill of the discovery is an absolute pleasure.

I am now currently undertaking an advanced science degree and participating in various research projects at the University of New South Wales, exploring all the wonders that science has to offer.

Meena wearing a lab coat and holding a snake

Meena looked at the effect that water temperature has on the clean-up of oil spills by comparing different cleaning commonly-used methods to become a finalist in the 2011 BHP Billiton Science and Engineering Awards.

Her success in the awards confirmed her passion and encouraged her to pursue a career in science.

Meena is in her third year of university and is majoring in ecology and microbiology.

When Meena finishes her degree she wants to continue on to complete her honours year, followed by a PhD, in an area of ecology. After university Meena hopes to travel and explore some of Earth's greatest natural wonders.