Science Teacher Association Awards

Each State and Territory has their own Science Teacher Association that run a science competition. Winners from these competitions are nominated into the BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards.

Australian Capital Territory SEAACT Science Fair 

The SEAACT Science Fair provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of science inquiry processes as outlined in the Science Inquiry Skills strand of the Australian Curriculum. There are five themes that students can enter projects under: Earth and Space Science, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemical Science and Engineering. The SEAACT Science Fair is run by the Science Educators Association of the Australian Capital Territory (SEAACT). 

New South Wales - Young Scientists Awards

The Young Scientist Awards is a major project of the Science Teachers’ Association of New South Wales (STANSW). The Awards offer students from Kindergarten to Year 12 worthwhile incentives to carry out scientific investigations. There are three major categories: Working Scientifically, Working Technologically and Working Mathematically.

Northern Territory - Young Scientist Competition

The Young Scientist Competition is run by the Science Teacher Association of the Northern Territory (STANT). There are a range of categories across age groups to engage students in scientific inquiry.

Queensland Queensland Science Contest

The Queensland Science Contest is an opportunity for students from Prep to Year 12 to have their scientific work judged for awards and prizes. Running for over 65 years, the contest is run by the Science Teachers Association of Queensland (STAQ).

South AustraliaOliphant Science Awards

The Oliphant Science Awards is an annually held competition for South Australian school students from Reception to Year 12 to develop their interest in science through a science based competition with a range of categories to suit a wide variety of abilities and interests. The South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA) has conducted The Oliphant Science Awards every year since their inception in 1981.

Tasmania - Science Talent Search

The Tasmanian Science Talent Search is an initiative of the Science Teachers Association of Tasmania (STAT). It promotes quality science education in government and non-government schools through the recognition of outstanding work in a variety of fields. It is open to all Tasmainian students from early childhood to Year 12.

Victoria - Science Talent Search

The Science Talent Search is an annual science based competition open to all primary and secondary students in Victoria. It was founded in 1952, making it one of the longest running programs in the world. It is run by the Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV).

Western Australia - Science Talent Search

The Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia (STAWA) runs the annual Science Talent Search to promote science teaching and learning through creative project work. It is open to primary and secondary students. 


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