Teacher Awards

The BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Teacher Awards recognise outstanding contributions made by classroom teachers to science education.

Teacher finalists are selected from around Australia. Each Science Teachers Association is invited to nominate one teacher, chosen for their excellence in teaching, their support of open-ended student investigations and their suitability to represent their state or territory. The CSIRO CREST program may also nominate a teacher, selected on the same criteria. If you would like to nominate a teacher, contact your local State or Territory Science Teacher Association for further information. 

Teacher finalists are invited to attend a Teacher Best Practice Seminar and the prestigious Awards ceremony event in Melbourne in February. The winning teacher will be invited to attend Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the United States of America to assist as a chaperone for the Australian student finalist delegates.

2018 National Winner - Adele Hudson, Aitken College

Adele Hudson is Head of Science at Aitken College and teaches middle school science, senior chemistry and physics. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Adelaide and a PhD from RMIT, where she also worked in a postdoctoral position. Adele credits her highly rewarding work with high school students in university outreach programs as the reason for her move into teaching.

Drawing on her research background, Adele is passionate about providing students with opportunities to engage in open-ended investigations. She’s found that when students learn through exploration and discovery, it nurtures a love of learning and strengthens skills such as working collaboratively, problem solving, critical thinking, and utilising technology for data collection and communicating ideas.

Adele has worked with the Aitken College science teaching team to ensure students engage in learning tasks that are relevant, based on real world scenarios and develop future work skills. She’s also created a program to inform parents and students of the changes occurring in the world of work, as well as other “pop up” science and maths programs that educate students about STEM careers and develop their project management and communication skills.

One program, EngGirl Ambassadors, was recently awarded a Scale Grant from the WISE Changemakers initiative, because of its potential to increase women in STEM engagement and retention. 2018 BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards Teacher Finalists.

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